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Welcome to Lisa's Wish Trust

Lisa Knapman-Smith

History of the Trust

Lisa's Wish Charitable Trust is the brainchild of Lisa Knapman-Smith. One of her priorities in life was children. For a young child, losing a parent to a terminal illness is devastating. Yet, while there are support networks for sick children and their siblings, those children whose parents and caregivers have become ill with cancer have been without assistance.  Lisa passed away from cancer in April 2009 at the age of 29 years.

During the intense battle Lisa fought with her disease, she felt that both her children were going through more than any child should have to endure; especially that they were missing out on just being children. It was distressing for her that she was no longer able to provide the occasions that she felt a mother should be able to provide, due to her being so ill and having as much on her plate coping with treatments, plus the side effects of those treatments.

The opportunities are for children throughout New Zealand and will take the form of day outings and ultimately week long camps. The outings and camps will be run by volunteers who would gain experience from the activities with the chance to advance themselves; through study or work of organising and running the activities, plus the benefit the activities themselves provide.






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Donations through Telecom 'Give a Little' will pay for events for children and help us plan each year. We thank you for your donations.

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This Trust liaises with and supports:

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